About Lung Health Checks

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
With pressures across the system and in line with national guidance, the Lung Health Check service has temporarily stopped.
The Service will resume as soon as we can safely do so and following national guidance . W
e are sorry to those people who have had their appointments cancelled and would like to reassure you that you will be the first to be invited back to the Service once it starts again.
Please continue to check this website for future updates. If you have any enquiries, please email comms.hcvcanceralliance@nhs.net

Lung Health Checks in Hull

People who live in Hull aged from 55 to less than 75, who smoke or used to smoke and have a Hull GP will be offered a new FREE NHS lung health check.

Run by specially-trained nurses from a mobile unit located in the community, lung health checks aim to find out how well your lungs are working.

If you are eligible for a lung health check, you will receive a letter from your GP, inviting you to make an appointment, at a time convenient for you.

How to book your Lung Health Check

If you have received an invitation for a lung health check, please call the number of your letter to make an appointment.

Benefits of the Lung Health Check

  • It is FREE
  • LOCAL and easy to get to – your check takes place in a community setting close to your home
  • TALK through your questions
  • No judgements on smoking, advice and assistance on how to quit available

What to expect at a lung health check

You will meet a nurse at your appointment and the lung health check will take approximately 30 minutes.

The nurse will ask you some questions about your general health and you will have your height and weight measured. You will be asked to blow into a tube called a spirometer. This machine measures how much air you breathe in and out.

As part of your Lung Health Check you may be offered an ultra-low dose CT scan. This is to check for early signs of lung cancer as well as other lung diseases. The CT scan only takes a few seconds to be done and is carried out during your appointment. You can stay fully clothed throughout the CT scan.

You will have plenty of time to talk to the nurse and ask any questions to help you decide if you would like a scan.

What happens next?

If you have a CT scan as part of your check, a member of the lung health check team will contact you within four weeks about the results. They will also give you information about what happens next.

Book your lung health check appointment 

If you have received an invitation for a lung health check, please call the number on your letter to make an appointment.