Patient stories

Each person whose life has been affected by cancer has a different story to tell.

Scroll down to read, hear, and view the personal stories told to us by patients and carers. Our thanks go to those who have been willing to share their stories to encourage early diagnosis and ensure better outcomes for others affected by cancer.

Sharon, who was diagnosed with breast cancer after learning about the symptoms during a Cancer Champion Awareness Session. She has cheekbone length light brown hair and wears black square glasses. She is looking to the right and slightly smiling.


‘Learning about cancer saved my life.’

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Christine, a pancreatic cancer survivor, looks into the camera and smiles. She is wearing a red sparkly long-sleeved top and has brown cropped hair.


Experiencing pancreatic cancer.

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Headshot of Margaret Allbones, a cancer survivor who shared her story with us. She is smiling, looking slightly to the right of the camera, and wearing a black jumper. She has cropped blonde hair and is wearing small gold hoop earrings.


The importance of noticing what’s ‘normal’.

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Beckie, a girl in her mid-20s, smiling at the camera. She has blonde hair that's just longer than her shoulders, blue eyes and a piercing in her left nostril.


Cervical screening during a pandemic.

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Carol Miller, founder of York Haematology Support group and Acute Myeloid Leukaemia survivor smiling and holding an award from the Lymphoma Association.


Visiting your GP during COVID-19.

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Lizzie, who is currently living with cancer, standing in a field and smiling at the camera. She is wearing a red 'Brain Tumour Charity' t-shirt.


Living with cancer through COVID-19.

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A headshot of Zoe, a woman who has survived cancer twice, smiles to the camera. She has shoulder-length brown hair and is wearing a purple 'York Breast Friends' polo shirt.


Surviving ovarian and breast cancer.

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Living with incurable bowel cancer.

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Getting support for cervical cancer.

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