Pressures across diagnostic services can cause delays in diagnosis and treatment for all our patients, whether they are on a cancer or non-cancer pathway.

The Cancer Alliance has completed an exercise to help understand where the gaps in diagnostic capacity will be over the next five years and by working with partners across the Alliance we are developing strategic plans for radiology, pathology and endoscopy services.

These will include:

• Innovative and collaborative use of workforce

• Aligning and standardising reporting processes for diagnostics

• Creating networked models of provision for radiology reporting

• Commencing the digitalisation of pathology services

• Development of a clear vision for future services that makes best use of resources, reduces the time taken to access diagnostic tests and improves the patient experience.

Rapid Cancer Diagnostic and Assessment Pathways

To view documents which set out how diagnosis within 14 days and diagnosis within 28 days can be achieved for the colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer pathways, please click here.